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Rural Outreach Program

Linking outback Australia to neuro-affirming services for autism, co-occuring conditions and complex cases. 

Rusty Windmill

Our Mission

  • To lessen the feelings of loneliness and uncertainty in parents/carers of neurodiverse individuals.

  • To lessen the feelings of loneliness and being understood in neurodiverse individuals in rural Australia. 

  • To provide education, understanding and support on neurodiversity to rural and isolated Australian communities.

  • To lessen the gap by providing specialised neurodiverse services to rural and isolate Australian communities. 

What We Do.

  • Individual professional and community consultations.

  • Workshops, seminars and training for individuals and corporate business.

  • Neuro-affirming plans and programs for everyday life skills.

  • Parent/Carer support and advocacy.

  • Mentoring for neurodiverse individuals of all ages. 

  • My Place, My Identity: Youth in Community creative arts program.

  • Criminal Justice support and reform. 

  • Tailor made programs to meet the needs of rural communities. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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