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High Five


Helping build self-esteem and independence.

Our mentors work with individuals at all stages of life and ability supporting them achieve their goals.


At the first visit the mentor will assess your strengths and needs and write goals and plans together. From there on the mentor works with you on a regular basis supporting goal achievement. What this looks like is different for each individual.


Our mentors are trained and qualified in autism and complex cases, providing skill based support and motivation. Mentors can work with your support workers coordinating and supporting the support worker in helping you achieve life success.


- Financial planning.

- Meal preparation.

- Developing hygiene skills.

- Developing home care skills.

- Achieving goals.

- Developing skills in form completion.

- Supporting employment and study.

- Supporting personal growth.

- Developing schedules.

- General day to day living.

We are ready to listen and support

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