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Leaning against a Bookshelf


Bibliotherapy is the use of books and stories to promote self-awareness, social skills, communication, language skills, reading, mental wellness and a sense of self. Individual and group sessions are available.

Sessions are client-focused and goal-planned. Sessions are suitable for all levels of reading. Audio books can be explored in place of reading. Books can be read allowed to participants, read with participants or shared after being read by the participant. 

Our Bibliotherapy consultant is a qualified writer and author with experience and qualifications in autism and complex cases. 

Bibliotherapy is face to face on the Gold Coast Qld or online across Australia and overseas. 

Writing Therapy

Writing therapy is a great way to express your thoughts and emotions in a safe and creative way. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or just need a way to process your feelings, writing therapy can be a powerful tool. With the help of our therapist you can use writing to explore your inner world and gain insight into yourself. 

Writing Therapy can be as simple as journaling and include creative expressions such as collage, or as structured as writing your memoir or a fictional story.

Our writing therapist is holds a degree in creative writing and autism studies and is a published author. She has over 13 years experience working in the writing industry. 

We are here to support your journey. 

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