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Silhouette of Elephant

Our Business Name

Orange Elephants Creative Minds has been on the mind of founder Jennifer Althaus for as long as she can remember. Jennifer finds herself attracted to the colour orange and is fascinated with elephants. Jennifer is a creative thinker and artist, expressing herself through the creativity of word and abstract art.  


The key to understanding the meaning in relation to the work of Orange Elephants Creative Minds is to break the title into three components; Orange, Elephants, Creative Minds.


The colour orange is warmth. It is inviting and welcoming. It symbolises optimism, confidence, enthusiasm and agreeableness. Orange makes you smile. It invokes energy, positivity and light. It is associated with youthfulness, pride and transformation. 


For elephants, there is nothing more important than the love and bond provided by their families. Young elephants remain dependent on their mothers and family members for years, learning skills to pass along to the next generation. Due to the high level of responsibility it takes to raise each individual calf (as it does to raise special needs children), all mothers within herds ensure that every young elephant is raised with the utmost love, guidance, protection, support and care. Elephants depend on one another, not only for protection and survival but also for the emotional connections that are crucial for any elephant to thrive.

Elephants are known for their problem-solving intelligence and incredible loyalty. In many cultures elephants symbolise strength, good fortune, health, happiness, luck and prosperity. They are often the focus of spiritual wellbeing. Their characteristic traits of being strong, nurturing, loyal family members sits comfortably within Orange Elephants Creative Minds. Their determination, protectiveness and strength to remove obstacles and negative forces sits well with the personality of founder Jennifer Althaus.

Creative Minds

Creative minds are open minds. Creative people look outside the box for solutions, creating solutions in a open and innovative way. 


Creative people are adventurous. They are not afraid to try new things and should the outcome not be what they expected they do not see failure, they see a new opportunity. Creative people are self-confident, have a high sense of self-acceptance, and can be more driven and ambitious. 

Creative experiences help us relax, reducing stress. Creativity opens communication and invites connection. Creativity has no limit. It is as unique to each individual as they are unique to the human species. Creativity can be abstract or figurative. It provides us with self-reflection and confidence. Creativity does not judge or ask questions. It allows our mind to wander to places of discovery and growth. It invites us into a world of imagination, colour and being. 

Elephant Herd

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