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Employment Support Services

You do not need to have SLES or DES funding to access our services. We provide capacity building skill development and training, employment related assessment and counselling and workplace assistance. Supports in employment is available under core supports. 

SLES - School Leavers Employment Support

Orange Elephants Creative Minds provides individualised plans and programs that support year 12 students and school leavers with autism and comorbid disabilities prepare for employment.


We understand that for autistic individuals a hands on approach is cohesive to positive outcomes. What this looks like for each person is different. What it does not look like is sitting at a table with our staff being asked questions and made find answers. At the SLES level we provide activities for you to do whilst we have a chat and get to know you. We work together to build a program that focusses on your strengths and has positive outcomes for future employment.  

Still at school? Talk to us about supporting you in your last year of school by helping you develop a school leaving and employment plan, exploring employment and further education goals and finding employment providers. 

DES - Disability Employment Services

Employment looks different for each individual. At Orange Elephants Creative Minds we find alternative solutions to mainstream problems. We believe their is a job out their for every individual and we help you find yours. 

How this may look, but is not limited to: 

  • Visiting your current workplace, assessing your strengths and difficulties and working with your boss to make both of your jobs easier.

  • Working alongside you in a new job supporting your job learning.

  • Helping you compile a resume.

  • Helping you find volunteer work and supporting your volunteer work so you gain work ready skills.

  • Work hygiene and readiness programs that are individual focussed. 

  • Helping you apply for courses and supporting your study. 

Contact us to discuss your needs. 

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