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The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens

The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens

SKU: 9781839970764

Calling all awesome autistic trans teens! Yenn Purkis and Sam Rose want you to live your best authentic life - and this handy book will show you how! With helpful explanations, tips and activities, plus examples of famous trans and gender divergent people on the autism spectrum, this user-friendly guide will help you to navigate the world as an awesome autistic trans teen. Covering a huge range of topics including coming out, masking, different gender identities, changing your name, common issues trans and gender divergent people face and ways to help overcome them, building a sense of pride and much, much more, it will empower you to value yourself and thrive exactly as you are.

Yenn Purkis is autistic and non-binary and has published a range of books with JKP since 2006. They actively speak at autism conferences and have increasingly spoken and written on autism and LGBTQIA+ identities and received the ACT Volunteer of the Year award for work in autism advocacy. Yenn lives in Canberra, Australia. Sam Rose is autistic and trans/non-binary. They are Network Leader at I CAN Network, a Mentor for Kids Under Cover, and a mental health speaker at batyr. Since June 2020, Sam has been running a weekly online program for young LGBTQIA+ autistic people (aged 13-17) to connect and chat about their experiences in a safe and informal environment.

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