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Who is Jennifer Althaus?

Jennifer Althaus is an entrepreneurial mum who has two autistic children. She is originally from NSW, moving to the Gold Coast, Qld 12 years ago. Jennifer is the founder of Orange Elephants Creative Minds and an author of 3 books. She is a sociologist who is passionate about supporting individuals and groups find their place in society.  

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My Story


 The journey with autism began 25 years ago when Jennifer's son was born. Knowing things were not right Jennifer struggled with an allied health system that she found sterile and unsupportive.  Finally, at the age of 6, her son was formally diagnosed with Autism. 

Years passed and life went on. Jennifer embraced the life of unschooling her two children whilst continuing traditional therapy for her son.

2007 saw the birth of her second daughter who was later diagnosed with autism and intellectual impairment. Once again Jennifer found herself fighting a system that did not support the individual needs of her daughter. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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